A high tech approach to technology finance.

Technology Server Room 361010You may have thought that all finance was created equal, and what worked for one type of equipment will work for another. But when you talk to Bill McMullan, Head of Finlease IT you’ll discover there’s a lot more to technology finance. Bill served his time with Dell, a company many would regard as one of the innovators in getting computers efficiently into the hands of the end user. Now Bill brings his wealth of knowledge under the Finlease roof.

While Finlease IT was founded as a partner working closely with printer resellers, its solutions now extend well beyond that. In effect, Finlease IT can work as a business partner with resellers, helping assist the sale. With the Finlease resources behind him, Bill McMullan and his team have the people skills to then liaise with the end user and help complete the sale.

Bill finds that when an IT reseller recommends a package to a client, quite often cost becomes the stumbling block and compromises are made. Yet an effective IT finance solution ensures the job gets done right the first time, potentially saving the customer money in the long run. A Finlease IT finance solution can allow IT support and software to be written into the package, to keep the wheels turning and allow upgrades future as they become necessary.

Why not try the Finlease IT online calculator at www.finlease.com.au which demonstrates how competitive Finlease IT solutions can be.

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