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30% AND 50% Investment Allowances passed by the Government.

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“The last time the Government presented us an opportunity similar to these latest Investment Allowances, interest rates were more than double what they are today. That was around the time I started ‘Finlease’. Since then, the company has grown 20 times in 20 years.

So if you were to take advantage of the 30% or 50% Investment Allowances to upgrade vehicles or equipment, you could source finance while interest rates are at 50 year lows. That way you can keep your cash reserves intact for those unexpected business fluctuations.

One other thing. So often we tend to work ‘in’ the business and don’t spend enough time working ‘on’ the business. So take some time out to look at the resources you have at your disposal. Would a new computer system allow you to utilise newer software that can make you work more efficiently? Would a new piece of equipment help your staff work smarter?

Now is the time to consider these once in a lifetime opportunities and strike while the iron is hot.”

Mark O’Donoghue

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