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What do Finlease clients really think of our service? How do we compare to the banks? The Finlease Customer Survey unearthed some startling revelations which were quite an eye opener.

We’ve always valued the opinions of our customers and make every effort to listen then respond to make our service better. So Finlease undertook a survey late 2013 to find out how our customers rate us. The findings were quite a revelation.

The key task was to establish customer satisfaction levels, identify areas of opportunity and understand where we stand versus traditional banking channels.

Interestingly, 68% of current Finlease customers first heard about us through word of mouth, reinforcing our view that one’s prime focus in any business is providing the best service you can to your existing clients, which in turn drives business expansion. Key reasons for using Finlease included service and simple processes.

The survey backed up existing research from people like East and Partners which have highlighted the importance of building strong relationships, whilst our problem solving ability and flexibility also proved strong. In fact, Finlease outscored the banks under all criteria.
Comments like “great to deal with” and “helpful and efficient” were typical responses when analysing the performance of staff, while Finlease as an organisation was seen as “quick, progressive, honest and flexible” came through strongly. Not surprisingly, 70% occasionally or often recommend us to their friends and colleagues.

Certainly Finlease took notice of a few suggestions on how we could improve and we will naturally be looking at ways in which we can be even better.

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