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Home Loans: are you getting your bank’s best?

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As your home loan is one of the largest debts you will ever have and will have for years to come, 5 minutes invested to reduce these costs can potentially save a small fortune.

The 3 easy steps are simple and well worth the few minutes required to ensure you secure the best rates in market.

Step 1 
Go online and look what your current bank is offering for new home loans to see if those rates are lower than what you are paying.

Step 2 
If your home loan rate is not 3.69% or better, call Finlease as these rates are on offer from at least 3 main banks.

Step 3
Put a note in your diary to check every 6 months to see if rates have changed.

For a quick overview of these steps see the 90 second link below:-

Are you getting your bank’s best?

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