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words by Mark

As we reach the mid-year mark, many businesses may be feeling the pinch of earlier slower months, particularly the quiet billing periods. Having enough cash flow during this time can prove to be crucial for stability and growth.

Here are a few quick options to help boost your cash flow reserves:

  1. Asset Refinance: Revisit recent outright purchases of equipment or vehicles from the last 6 months. In hindsight would it have been better if they were financed? A simple purchase & hire back option, paired with competitive financing, can replenish your funds without disrupting your options.
  2. Low Doc Working Capital: Tap into low-documentation capital facilities for a swift cash boost or an ongoing overdraft-like solution that’s there when you need it, repayable and accessible on your terms.
  3. Insurance Premium Funding: It may also be beneficial to fund your insurance premiums. Save money while keeping that cash available for other business costs. Read more here.
  4. Refinance Near-Term Contracts: Refinancing near-term contracts with a balloon payment early can offer a lower monthly repayment and make the balloon payment more manageable.

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