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Small businesses losing faith in the banks

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“Recently we’ve seen a significant deterioration in loyalty being shown by small to medium businesses toward their banks. In fact, loyalty has fallen 239% over the past 3 years. This is not surprising really given recent events, especially in the wake of the GFC.

Many businesses in the $1-5 Million annual turnover range are increasingly turning to third-party brokers like us at Finlease to source equipment finance.

A number of factors have brought about this situation:

  • the perceived lack of funding available from the major banks
  • withdrawal of multinational banks has also limited funding
  • increased competition for available funds
  • shorter time in a given positions by ‘relationship managers’, meaning they have little chance to understand how a particular business is tracking
  • financiers are seeking more information in finance applications, which is time-consuming for small business operators

This tougher climate provides further justification for enlisting the services of a specialist business finance broker to serve as your advocate in sourcing equipment finance or in fact all forms of business finance.”

Mark O’Donoghue
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