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The Investment Allowance – Tips and Traps

words by Finlease

“The Investment Allowances have received a fair amount of publicity but little has been spoken about the need to choose the correct finance solution to ensure you can actually claim the allowance.

In fact we feel that a number of companies will ultimately be disappointed come tax time to realise that the finance structure they had selected means their Investment Allowance claim will be denied by the ATO, potentially costing you many thousands of dollars by missing out on the tax saving.

In summary, we’re recommending the only finance option is a Chattel Mortgage, because you the purchaser become the owner from day one. You can forget about any form of lease or a Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP), otherwise you run the very real risk of having your Investment Allowance denied. What you may not realise is that, in these instances, the equipment is actually being sold to the finance, not to you the user of the assets. This is a very important point.

If you’re unsure, just call Finlease, we’d be happy to advise you, even if you’re not an existing Finlease client. We’re here to be of service in any way we can. Be sure to also talk with your accountant or tax advisor.”

For read the Investment Allowance FAQs click here

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