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Ben Seeley Client Support Finlease

Ben Seeley

Equipment FInance Broker


I joined the Finlease Group one and a half years ago, having studied a Bachelor of Business with a Major in Finance and Financial Services. Finlease has been a fantastic launching pad into the world of Equipment Finance, I could not have dreamt of a better place to start my career.

I personally believe that great service is founded on a deep understanding and genuine appreciation of the client. Everyone has their own story to tell, everyone is unique and deserves their opportunity to make their own way in the world. If that journey involves my assistance in anyway, that is a bonus.

My goal is to provide not only outstanding service that exceeds expectations but also act in a way in which people are engaged, comfortable and are encouraged to be themselves. I believe that when people can be themselves, that is when truly meaningful relationships can occur. These relationships can be strengthened and built upon allowing for jovial interactions that promote great business. Rest assured, if it can be financed, that I will try my best in any circumstances to get the job done.

In my spare time I take great enjoyment in keeping physically fit by going to the gym and eating healthy. I also enjoying being outdoors with mates and making the most of the great weather here in QLD. Some might say that my dietary routine is ‘plain’ but to each their own I say! We all have different goals and plans, for me, I just want to be the best version of myself that I can be. I look forward to assisting any potential clients to achieve their business goals.

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