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Crane Finance that will give your business a lift.

To speak to your WA Representative, contact:

Richard Harper
M: 0411 243 475
E: rharper@finlease.com.au

Michael Larkin
M: 0432 823 037
E: mlarkin@finlease.com.au

To speak to the Perth Office, contact:

P: 08 9472 3133
F: 08 9361 1908
E: wasales@finlease.com.au
3 Colombo Street,
Victoria Park WA 6100

You have to wait long enough simply to secure a crane, so the last thing you want is a hold-up with your crane finance. So Finlease makes the whole process easier by doing all the legwork in securing the crane finance solution that’s going to work best for you and give you freedom to grow.

Our Crane finance solutions also cover 10 year inspection rebuilds of your existing equipment.

Finlease can source crane finance at preferential rates and on more flexible terms by leveraging our massive buying buyer – a direct result of having over $350 million financed annually. We offer more solutions for more situations:

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Take a look at our equipment finance calculator to get a rough idea on how affordable that next acquisition can be, then ring us for a chat.

We know the crane industry.

We not only know crane finance. Finlease has a deep involvement with the crane industry and associations and has even been a platinum sponsor of the national conference. Our brokers have a thorough knowledge of the industry and stay up to date with crane values, both new and used, and know what a particular model is designed to do.

Just as we know the industry, rest assured Finlease knows how to present your crane finance application to the country’s leading financiers. Finlease is arguably Australia’s leading provider of crane finance, so we can make the process a lot easier than dealing with your local bank.

  • Finlease is a long serving member of CICA
  • Access to a pool of over 20 leading financiers
  • Offices in every state Australia-wide
  • We come out to you, will often chat at 6.00am or 9.00pm as these are the hours our clients work, so do we.

Phone 1800 358 658 and chat with one of our crane finance experts. Tell us about your plans and we’ll tell you how to make it happen. It’s that easy.

Finlease has greater reach.

Finlease knows the importance of a correctly presented crane finance application. So we take the time to understand the dynamics of your operation. This can assist a financier in understanding how the serviceability of the loan can be strongly aided by the additional income it will generate, thus improving your chances of securing crane finance under the right conditions.

At the same time, our specialists will know how an upgrade of existing equipment or the removal of cross hire expenses etc. can reduce operating expenses and increase available cash flow to service the loan.

Of course Finlease finance solutions extend well beyond crane finance, to include finance for a broad range of business’s needs:

Phone a Finlease crane finance expert for informed answers on everything from tax issues to loan serviceability. We make the hard questions easy.

Our clients aren’t backward about coming forward.

The crane industry is a tight circle and when you do a good job, word gets around. Yet there’s an even broader forum that allows clients to speak their minds, and it’s called Product Review. Here’s just a sample of our clients’ comments:

  • “I have always purchased our Vehicles and business vehicles with Finlease. Always clear communications, prompt responses and friendly, helpful staff.” Business operator.
  • “The process is always smooth, with good communication and a real sense that you’re dealing with people who know what they’re doing.” Motor vehicle client.
  • “We are a diverse company with varying finance requirements which Finlease assist with. They not only help us with small internal financing of IT equipment, but assist in clients’ large capital equipment financing. “ Long standing client

Visit www.productreview.com.au/p/finlease and get the facts before you get the finance. You’ll see how we make the finance easy.

Our Crane Finance and Lease experts are ready to help!

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