Developing relationships by baring all.

Winners of the Day

Winners of the Day

“Building closer ties with your business partners is important in any industry, none more so than in finance. Yet it wouldn’t be Finlease’s style to promote corporate networking through an event in some a stuffy hotel ballroom or restaurant.  Instead, Finlease organised a relationship building event that was a breath of fresh air – an afternoon of barefoot bowls at ‘North Bowlo’ at the North Sydney Lawn Bowling Club.

The event was one of the rare occasions which saw the country’s most influential figures from the finance community brought together in the one place. There were some 50 representatives from the big four and leading regional banks, along with second tier lenders and niche financiers, entertained by the team from Finlease. The afternoon kicked off with informal greetings, then the gloves were off – and so were the shoes and socks – as players broke into 10 teams of 5. It all came down to an intense tournament of knocking each other’s balls out of the way in order to claim the prize, followed by a sausage sizzle and some light-hearted banter.

As Finlease Principal Mark O’Donoghue put it, “Events like this are important in helping us develop closer relationships with the country’s most influential lenders. There’s nothing like barefoot bowls to put us all on a level playing field, in strengthening relationships that help us secure a better financial arrangements for our clients.”



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