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The everyday staples of an office environment like printers, copiers and boardroom appliances contribute to the smooth running operation of an office. Together though, they represent an expensive financial outlay that also offer a depreciating return.

Minimising your exposure to outdated and depreciated assets is why electronic equipment financing is becoming increasingly popular. Furthermore, you are not tied to your electronic equipment for life, but can update your technology at the conclusion of your financing period.

Upon completion of the term, Finlease IT will provide you with new finance terms, allowing you to upgrade your technology (often at a similar repayment level). Alternatively, Finlease IT provides an option for an outright purchase at the completion of the finance term.


To build a financial argument around your service offering, fill out the details in the calculator.

Upon submission, you will be provided with a finance report breaking down the monthly costs in an easy to understand format that your potential customers will appreciate.

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