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Healthcare Finance

For the right healthcare finance, see a specialist.

When you’re looking to expand your practice and need healthcare finance, it pays to see a specialist. Just like in your profession, it takes specialised knowledge to get effective results. Finlease has been a leader in healthcare finance for decades and we have specific brokers who understand the healthcare finance solutions that deliver results.

Perhaps you’re looking to fit out your waiting room and surgery, or maybe you need medical equipment finance to acquire the latest technology? Thankfully you’ll be able to talk to a knowledgeable Finlease healthcare finance broker who’ll be right on the same page. Then after the right diagnosis of your healthcare finance needs, Finlease can provide solutions that can help you offer a more professional service to your patients.

To speak to our Healthcare Finance Specialist, contact:

Chris Girle
M. 0448 480 180
E. cgirle@finlease.com.au

For a healthier practice, talk to Finlease. We know how to handle the diverse needs of healthcare finance and make the whole process easier than you think.

We make house calls.

At Finlease, we know most Medical Professionals don’t have time to speak with their bank during normal work hours or wait forever for an answer.  So when we handle your healthcare finance, we can chat or meet after hours and in your rooms or even at home if you prefer.

With access to 20 of the country’s leading financiers, Finlease knows where to look and what to look for. With branches in major capital cities and in every state across the country, we’re close at hand when you need us.

  • a national network of branches
  • access to all the leading financiers
  • we work with the nation’s top healthcare providers

Give us a call. We’ll do a complete examination of your practice then go to work sourcing the healthcare finance that’s right for you. It’s that easy.

Listen to our clients first.

Before your talk to Finlease about healthcare finance, you may like to listen to what our clients who came to us for a diverse range of finance needs.

There’s no doctor/patient privilege in our business, you can read what they have to say about us simply by clicking onto Product Review. So while some may have dealt with Finlease machinery finance, maybe a business loan or a software lease, they come away with a similar response.

  • “The team at Finlease was a pleasure to deal with and would recommend them to anyone looking to finance anything.”- a first time client.
  • “There were no delays in the process and the deadlines given were met.” a time-poor business owner.
  • It made “Very helpful and easy to deal with, with no hassling or pressure.” another satisfied business operator.

Try us on for size. Log onto Product Review, then run some numbers through our equipment finance calculator and see how we rate.

Healthcare finance is just the beginning

Once you discover how easy Finlease makes the whole healthcare finance process, you may like to consider us for other finance needs as well. Rather than simply fit out your surgery, you may want to consider a property loan to purchase your entire premises. Finlease can also handle a range of other finance needs as well including investment property finance, we even do aircraft finance.

So while we focus on business finance, we do so much more with the same professional results.

Call Finlease for a confidential chat, we think you’ll like our bedside manner.

Our Healthcare finance experts are ready to help.

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