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Pleasure Boat Finance

Putting more pleasure into pleasure boat finance.

We’ve become experts in pleasure boat finance and many of us are boat enthusiasts ourselves. So we understand how the right pleasure boat finance solution can help make boat ownership more pleasurable.

Finlease has the buying power to source pleasure boat finance from a pool of lenders at competitive rates and optimum terms. We manage the whole process, from application to approval and to make it easy, We won’t ask you to fill out a form, that’s our role, you simply chat with us and we do the rest.

Take our boat finance for a dry run. Click through to our finance calculator and discover how affordable your boat purchase can be.

Let us be your finance skippers.

Your Finlease broker will guide you through the whole boat finance process. So you don’t simply have to accept the finance deal that your boat broker or bank has to offer.

To help determine the right pleasure boat finance solution, your Finlease finance broker will take into account a number of considerations:

  • How long will you keep the boat?
  • Will it be purely pleasure or some business use?
  • What happens if I want to upgrade my boat?
  • Can a few of us buy one together?

Talk to someone who understands pleasure boat finance inside out, call 1800 358 658 now.

How to drive a harder bargain.

Before you go out and start shopping for a boat, it’s worth obtaining a pre-approval for your pleasure boat finance. That way you can confidently negotiate knowing that the boat finance is ready to go. We suggest first putting in place a loan for a ‘hypothetical’ boat. You’ll pay no application fees and once your boat finance is approved, you’re under no obligation to proceed. You are set to go and with no obligation to proceed if you decide not to use the approval.

Here’s a helpful checklist on what lenders will be looking for when you’re applying for pleasure boat finance:

1. Your capacity to meet the repayments based on your income.
2. For 100% finance you need to prove that you have ‘tangible’ net worth, i.e. equity in property or investments. Our financiers do not want a mortgage, but will simply want to feel comfortable that you have the ability to make good any shortfall between the second hand value of the boat and the amount owed.
3. A good credit history.
4. Stable employment and income

Complete a pleasure boat finance application now, if that’s what you prefer. Or phone 1800 358 658 to talk with one of our pleasure boat finance specialists.

What are boat buyers saying about Finlease?

If you deliver a good service, word gets around in the boating community. One place that provides an open forum for such feedback is ‘Product Review’. Here you’ll find some candid comments from actual clients who aren’t shy about telling us about their experiences with Finlease. Here are just a few:

  • “It’s not easy obtaining finance these days and Finlease demonstrated their commitment and dedication to providing the best result they possibly can. Now we are cruising around in our beautiful boat.” Boat buyer.
  • “My first boat loan through Finlease was professional and well managed and now after 15 years they’ve delivered again – they make financing very simple! – Repeat boat client”.
  • “This is the first time we have used Finlease. We found them to be extremely informative and very thorough. We will definitely use this service in the future. Thanks for helping us to get our dream boat.” First time client.

Visit http://www.productreview.com.au/p/finlease.html for some honest, unedited opinions from hundreds of Finlease clients. You’ll find their comments a breath of fresh air.

Our boat finance experts are ready to help!

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