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Sheetmetal Equipment Finance

Sheetmetal finance shaped to fit your business.

Looking for a sheetmetal equipment finance solution that can help take your business to another level? Then you need a specialist equipment finance broker that can step up with the right level of service. When it comes to sheetmetal equipment finance, Finlease brokers understand your industry and know how the right equipment can help give you a competitive edge.

Just like there’s a right tool for every engineering job, there’s a sheetmetal equipment finance tool that will work better than others. So how do you choose the one that offers the greatest flexibility and more opportunities to grow your business? That’s easy, talk to Finlease.

More flexibility, less pressure.

Certain banks and financiers may impose conditions which can ultimately restrict your options for future expansion. However, Finlease can source sheetmetal equipment finance on more favorable terms that give you more room to move.

What’s more, we do all the paperwork, so you can get on with your work while we get the finance. Even getting together to discuss your sheetmetal equipment finance needs is easy, we can meet at a time and place that suits you.

  • no chasing up the bank, no delays, no call centres
  • we can meet at your premises or office or chat after hours
  • our team keeps you informed every step of the way

Try our Equipment Finance calculator to discover how easy we can make sheetmetal equipment finance. Then have a chat with Finlease about the type of equipment you’re after.

Our expansion can help yours.

As our clients have grown, so have we. We now fund over $350 million in equipment annually giving us the clout to secure sheetmetal equipment finance at attractive rates and terms. We can also handle you other finance needs including all forms of business loans, perhaps property finance when you want to buy your premises. 

  • branches in all states
  • access to the country’s leading financiers
  • specialist equipment finance brokers who know your industry
  • the clout of have $350 million on loan annually

What are people saying about Finlease?

Thanks to Product Review finding out what people really think about Finlease is easy. Our clients have posted their feedback on the service they received from the Finlease team. So visit Product Review for some frank, unedited comments, you’ll find them quite a revelation.

  • “They always took the time to explain things to us and even personally delivered and picked up the completed documents.” – repeat client.
  • “The service was great and a quick turnaround.”- small business client.
  • “Staff are proactive and helpful. They explain and provided the options which other financiers don’t seem to do so well.” – business client.

Don’t take our word for it. Before you start looking for sheetmetal equipment finance, visit productreview.com.au. Our clients aren’t shy about speaking their minds.

Our Sheetmetal Equipment Finance experts are ready to help!

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