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Trenching Equipment Finance

Trenching equipment finance made easy.

Specialist types of business loans like trenching equipment finance require specialist equipment finance experts. Chances are your bank doesn’t understand the intricacies of trenching equipment finance, but we do.

Some finance structures can help optimise your company’s cash flow, while others may help you own the equipment sooner. So, so talk to Finlease. We’ll make the whole process easier by selecting and sourcing the right solution for your equipment – and your business.

Let us demystify trenching equipment finance, give us a call and find out how easy the whole process can be.

We dig deeper and go further.

With 20 of the country’s leading equipment loan financiers at our disposal, we can shop around for trenching equipment finance on the right terms. Finlease has branches in all states and all the major capital cities, so chances are we’re close to where you are right now. Since we source more than $500 million worth of funds for our clients annually, we have the clout to secure the trenching equipment finance you need, without delay.

  • nationwide network of branches
  • experts who understand your industry
  • the right people in all the right places
  • qualified experts who know the trenching industry

Talk to the Finlease branch nearest you and we’ll go the extra mile to satisfy your trenching equipment finance needs.

Trenching equipment finance on your terms.

Perhaps the equipment vendor you’re dealing with has an equipment leasing division that is able to provide trenching equipment finance. And perhaps in the interests of expediency, you’d prefer to simply go with their recommendations? Before you do, talk to Finlease for an obligation free quotation, it could be a real eye opener.

You may even find you have other equipment finance needs we could deal with at the same time. Perhaps you need truck and transport finance to transport your new equipment. Or car finance to help you get from job to job more efficiently?

Talk to Finlease. Our service is entirely free, and you’re under no obligation to proceed. We can get an equipment loan pre-approval in place in advance, putting you in a stronger bargaining position when the right piece of equipment comes along.

  • We can meet at your site
  • Finlease handles the whole process from application to approval
  • Faster service means faster delivery of your new or used equipment

Take a look at our Equipment Finance Calculator to see how easy it can be. We take the hard work out of trenching equipment finance.

Get the low down from our toughest critics.

Don’t take our word for it. Many of our equipment finance clients have posted comments on Product Review, and what they say can be quite a revelation. Whether they came to us for trenching equipment finance or machinery leases, our client aren’t shy about telling it like it is.

  • “They took the stress out of it and made it a breeze for me.”- equipment finance client
  • “They explain and provided the options which other financers don’t seem to do so well.” Small business operator.
  • “The equipment finance was hassle-free. I liked the timeline within with everything was done.” Equipment finance client

Our best advertisement is satisfied clients. Before you settle on trenching equipment finance, visit Product Review for an uncensored account of what people actually say about Finlease.

Our Trenching Equipment finance experts are ready to help

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