Aircraft & Helicopter Finance


Purchasing a private aircraft or helicopter can save money and offer enhanced opportunities for businesses.

Finlease’s Aviation Finance division is one of Australia’s largest aviation asset financier.  We’ve successfully financed an extensive range of fixed wing aircrafts and helicopters for businesses to give them competitive advantage:

  • New or Used
  • Fixed Wing or Rotary
  • Local or overseas
  • Refinance an existing machine
  • Ancillary aviation support assets

We’re leaders in the financing industry and have the funds, expertise and buying power to get what you’re after. At Finlease Aviation Finance, we work tirelessly to understand your needs and then provide the most straight-forward, customised financing solutions designed to get you into your aircraft and ready to fly.

Finlease has organised off-shore valuations, worked with off-shore escrow agents, imported aircraft on US FAA registry.  Facilitated funding for turbine overhauls, avionics / ADSB upgrades and whole lot of other aircraft refurbishments.

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Turbofan & Turboprop Finance

Specialised Aviation Services

Irrespective of what your aviation services specialises in:

  • Aero Medical Services
  • Emergency Retrieval Services
  • Government
  • VIP Transfer or General Air Charter
  • RPT
  • FIFO
  • Geophysics Survey Services
  • Fire-fighting NAFC contracted services
  • Any other form of specialised air services

We’ll have you ready to make a move when you have found the aircraft you’re looking for.

  • Pre-approved funding for full purchase price
  • The ability to settle ex-vendor at your discretion
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18 offices nation-wide

Family business for 30+ years

$700 million worth of funds on loan annually

Access to 30+ network of lenders

Financial Solutions for Helicopter Operators & Owners

There are a few important differences that influence the way in which financing helicopters is structured. Rest assured we have the skills and a long track record of success in this area.

Helicopter financing shares many key features with conventional aircraft financing but there are a few important differences that influence the way in which financings are structured.  Whilst helicopter built dates are inconsequential, their component times specially for turbine modules and engine life cycles tend to drive financing structure to a large extent.

Irrespective of what your aviation services specialises in:

  • HEMS
  • SARS
  • Powerline Management
  • Heavy Lift
  • National Parks Services
  • Tourism
  • Marine Pilot Transfers
  • Any other specialised helicopter services
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No waiting for banks or their long-winded excuses

We handle all the paperwork

Pre-approvals provided without obligation

You’ll be kept informed all the way

Multi Rotor Finance Made Simple

If your business has a CASA issued Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operates Certificate (ReOC) and has an A.B.N. registered for 2 years or more, you are pre-approved for up to $150,000.

  • Loan Term from 2 years to 5 years
  • Save your capital – No deposit required
  • Approved within 24 hours
  • Finance can include accessories

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Flight Simulators - Ground Support Equipment - Airborne Devices

  • Full Motion & Static Flight Simulators
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Fire underbelly tanks
  • Geo Physics Equipment
  • LiDAR Camera Systems
  • Aviation Fuel Tankers

We provide airlines, airports, air cargo facilities, fixed-based operators, ground handlers and more with financial solutions to keep your business growing.

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Only a select number of Australian financiers are engaged in aviation finance.

Finlease is a major partner with all of them.  With over $740M in commercial finance introduced annually by Finlease, we are uniquely positioned to provide customized financial solutions to fit your aviation and business needs through a variety of loan structures & attractive fixed rates

We combine our unparalleled asset finance expertise and structuring capability to deliver a debt solution that appropriately values your precious capital.

Lower upfront capital requirements: Finlease can arrange financing up to 100% of the aircraft’s value

Customised structuring: Finlease leverages its aviation asset knowledge to create a solution that allows you to take advantage of the aircraft’s value retention and minimize your loan/finance lease payments.

Keep your bank for banking: Finlease financing ensures you keep your banking credit lines separate and available to grow your business.  Through our network of financiers, we do not have any requirement for you to maintain other lines of business debt or asset facilities.

Flexibility:  Your aircraft may require an overhaul, a full refurb or an upgrade.  We take our cue from your requirement and work proactively to ensure adequate capital is approved and available for these purposes.

Seamless experience: One point of contact through the entire credit and settlement process.

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We can facilitate off-shore (pre-purchase) valuation & settlement, work in conjunction with escrow agents, aircraft OEM and aircraft brokers for settlements in multiple currencies.

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