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Don’t be crippled with upfront IT payments.

Continually patching up a legacy IT system is more expensive than investing in new technology better aligned with your business goals. Frequently businesses are forced to ask themselves, “Is the process of changing our IT system less daunting than the cost of maintaining the system we have?”

Rather than modifying existing IT systems, Finlease can update your technology infrastructure in an affordable manner with our IT systems finance. Updates to your network, software, computers and IT services can be financed through manageable monthly payments, rather than constant crippling, upfront payments to continually buy the equipment outright.

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IT systems finance that makes your life simpler.

Here at Finlease, we understand that most of our clients are time poor and don’t necessarily have the time to negotiate with the bank. So, we go further and handle everything from application to approval. We organise all the finance paperwork and keep you in the loop all the way.

With offices Australia wide and a pool of $500 million worth of funds on loan annually, we’ve got the time and the buying power to help you achieve the competitive rate you’re after. We’ve also got more than 20 years of experience in the field and know what it takes to place your IT systems finance application in the best light for quick approvals.

Our clients trust us as we take the time to better understand their situation, their needs and their budget. From there, we’re able to advise on the right financing structure that will help their business grow and expand.

We also don’t keep bankers’ hours and are always happy to meet at your business or worksite at a time of your convenience to better understand your unique operation.

We’re better. Fast. Different. Get in touch with our IT systems finance experts today!

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