Move in the right direction with Finlease’s vehicle finance solutions.

Whether you want to buy an aircraft, car, boat, bus or more, Finlease can help you source the vehicle finance you need. We’re leaders in the financing industry and have the funds, expertise and buying power to get what you’re after.

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Aircraft & Helicopter Finance

Land the right aircraft or helicopter finance solution with Finlease.

Whether you want to buy a single engine Cessna or purchase a helicopter, you can count on Finlease for a range of aircraft finance and leasing solutions, Australia-wide.

If you’re buying an aircraft from overseas, we can also arrange Import/Trade aircraft and helicopter finance (i.e. Letter of Credit) if required. So, let’s have a chat about what options are available and how easy we make the whole process for you.To get the run down on all the aircraft finance solutions we can offer, call us now. We think you’ll find our approach a breath of fresh air.

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We cover more ground.

To process your aircraft finance more efficiently, we’ll visit you at your office or work site in order to truly understand your business. You won’t be left waiting in the wings whilst your bank deliberates – we won’t even ask you to fill out forms, that’s our role! Simply chat with us and we do the rest, from application to approval.

We’ve also got significant buying power with Australia’s leading financiers and a network of Finlease branches nation-wide. We can spread your aircraft finance across different institutions if required, freeing up your options for future acquisitions. In 99% of cases, the aircraft will serve as the loan’s only collateral so there’s no getting caught with cross security issues.

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Branches in every state

$500 million worth of funds on loan annually

We have more clout and more connections

Access to 20 leading financiers

We can help your business take off.

Finlease provides finance solutions to not only suit your chosen aircraft, but tailored to the cash flow of your business. We can also provide worthwhile solutions for a wide range of situations. Perhaps you’ll need an equipment lease when it comes to fitting out your workshop for servicing, or property finance to house your new aircraft. Then beyond aircraft and helicopter finance, Finlease offers a full range of business finance solutions to help you spread your wings.

Better. Friendly. Different. Our aircraft finance experts are ready to help you achieve your dream solution. Get in touch today!

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No waiting for banks or their long-winded excuses

We handle all the paperwork

Pre-approvals provided without obligation

You’ll be kept informed all the way

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Each of our team members have years of experience in all forms of equipment finance, so they not only understand business finance, they know your industry.

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