Whole of Banking

You are now in the area of WHOLE OF BANKING with the Finlease Business Finance solutions.

It is often the case that businesses have been with the same bank for 10 – 20 years and are quite unsure whether or not the bank is actually providing them with an overall solution which is competitive relative to the overall market place. To make it worse, they may continue to see a revolving door of bank managers over those years so the old long term relationships that they once enjoyed now feels like a bygone era. It is a deceptively simple process to do a “health check” on an overall banking relationship. The areas below will provide further insight.

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Whole of Banking

Whole of banking solutions that make life easier.

You may have considered Finlease as experts in finance, but do you know we can make your life easier with our whole of banking solutions?

Sometimes, your banking facilities can grow without any real thought given to day-to-day practicalities. With a rabble of loan structures, leases, overdrafts cards and goodness knows what, sooner or later companies may find they need a whole of banking solution to make things simpler.

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What do we mean by whole of banking?

1. Find a bank and banker who are actually going to do the job and give you ongoing support (under our watchful eye).

2. Have a look at what you are currently doing and untangle any messes so moving forward, the debt structures are clean, simple, useful and where needed increased.

3. Keeping some areas separate so you don’t fall back into the problem of feeling more like the servant than the master (client).

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Branches in every state

$500 million worth of funds on loan annually

We have more clout and more connections

Access to 20 leading financiers

Whole of banking solutions that click.

At Finlease, we can negotiate better whole of banking outcomes on your behalf, even if it means moving institutions or finding new ones. Whilst all that may sound quite a drama, Finlease makes it easy by doing all the hard work.

As the banking landscape has changed in recent years, the waters have muddied making it hard to see whether your current situation is really serving your whole of banking needs. If you’ve answered yes to the following questions, get in touch with the Finlease team today for expert help.

  • Is the security that the banks are holding over your loans unfair?
  • Have your loans become a tangled web?
  • Would you like more cash flow in reserve for unexpected expenses?

Our whole of banking experts are ready to help! Talk to our team today and see for yourself how we’re better, fast, different!

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No waiting for banks or their long-winded excuses

We handle all the paperwork

Pre-approvals provided without obligation

You’ll be kept informed all the way

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Each of our team members have years of experience in all forms of equipment finance, so they not only understand business finance, they know your industry.

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