Debtor & Invoice Financing

You are now in the area of DEBTOR & INVOICE FINANCING with the Finlease Business Finance solutions.

This area of finance is an ideal solution for expanding companies who need to increase their access to liquidity as the size of their debtors ledger grows. So often much of a company’s cash is locked up in debtors and these facilities free up that cash. For more information see below

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Debtor & Invoice Finance

Get cash flow flowing with debtor discounting and factoring finance.

When cash flow gets tight, debtor discounting and factoring finance can provide the cash injection you need to get the wheels turning again.At Finlease we understand how cash flow is the lifeblood of any small to medium-sized business. Finlease’s finance solutions can provide a range of facilities that help control the amount of money you have available for keep up day to day expenses.

Our Debtor Discounting and Factoring Finance experts are ready to help! Talk to our team today and see for yourself how we’re better, fast, different!

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Save money and build turnover.

Debtor discounting and factoring finance can ensure you’ll be paid 80% of your client’s invoice value within 48 hours. This could potentially save you money by allowing you to take advantage of discounts offered by your suppliers for prompt payment.

For an equally prompt answer on debtor discounting and factoring finance, Finlease has skilled business loans experts available to meet at your office to discuss how our financing can benefit your business. With our truly national coverage and position of strength in the marketplace, Finlease can negotiate finance at competitive rates and terms, potentially freeing-up your assets like residential property to secure a more positive future.

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Branches in every state

$500 million worth of funds on loan annually

We have more clout and more connections

Access to 20 leading financiers

We help businesses grow.

Our finance brokers understand the needs of many small business operators. The clout we gain from having around $500 million on loan annually gives us considerable leverage to negotiate the best business loans for you. If you are not satisfied with the business loan solution we’re able to offer, simply walk away with no cost.

Then once we’ve helped you with debtor discounting and factoring finance did you know Finlease can also help you with a range of other ways? Talk to us about your equipment finance needs, or to really accelerate business look at our car finance solutions. Whatever your finance needs, the Finlease service is still the same with no application fees through initial consultations, prompt solutions in days (not weeks!), personable, skilled service and the flexibility to spread your business loans across several financiers.

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No waiting for banks or their long-winded excuses

We handle all the paperwork

Pre-approvals provided without obligation

You’ll be kept informed all the way

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Each of our team members have years of experience in all forms of equipment finance, so they not only understand business finance, they know your industry.

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