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We’ve carved out quite a niche in woodworking equipment finance.

As a growing business, you know the importance of sourcing the right woodworking equipment finance solution to help you acquire the latest equipment. Yet dealing with the banks for finance can be a real grind.

Finlease has quite a track record in sourcing woodworking equipment finance for a wide range of industries including kitchen manufacturers and cabinetmakers. Yet taking nothing for granted, we often like to visit you to gain an understanding of what you expect from the new machinery. From there, our woodworking equipment finance specialists know how to source the right equipment finance tool for the job.

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Money is just like any other raw material, it needs to be well priced and delivered on time. The best way to get this is through competition.

Finlease knows how to present your case for woodworking equipment finance to the institutions in a form which will not only help secure an approval but also create competition. This can all be done without you lifting a finger. We’ll simply take care of everything from application to approval without aggravation!

We deal with all the leading names in woodworking equipment. So, whether you’re after a single sided edgebander, nesting machines or software to make it all run, we make finding woodworking equipment finance a breeze. While we’re at it, we can handle other important business finance needs as well, from IT systems finance to car finance. Whatever your needs, the Finlease service is always the same.

Our woodworking equipment finance experts are ready to help! Get in touch with the team today to see for yourself how we’re better, friendly, different!

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