Our Team

Over the past 30 years, we have built to a team of over 40 brokers plus their support teams Australia Wide. Our brokers are always available on mobile, working the same hours as our clients do.

North Sydney

Head office
Ground Floor, 1 James Place
North Sydney NSW 2060

Mark O’Donoghue

Founder & CEO Finlease

Val Lorenzelli

Managing Director Finrent/FinleaseIT

Harry Burey

Equipment Finance Broker (NSW)

Chris Girle

Equipment Finance Broker (NSW)

Adam Fittler

Regional Manager Finlease IT (NSW/ACT)

Aaron Adkins

Relationship Manager

James O’Donoghue

Equipment Finance Broker (NSW)

Jay Martin

Partner Equipment Finance (NSW)

Kevin McBride

Property Finance Specialist

Russell Irving

Technology Finance General Manager

Scott Kemp

Equipment Finance Broker (NSW)

Smeaton Grange

Meet the Smeaton Grange Office:
Unit 2
6 Orielton Road,
Smeaton Grange NSW 2567

Chris Burke

Equipment Finance Broker

Jeff Wilson

Senior Partner Equipment Finance

Marko Uskovic

Equipment Finance Broker (NSW)


Christos Kritikos

Equipment Finance Broker (NSW)

Brady Talbot

Equipment Finance Broker (NSW)

Michael Ryan

Senior Partner Equipment Finance (NSW)


Meet the Orange Office:
63 Kite Street
Orange NSW 2800

Jack Gallagher

Equipment Finance Broker (Regional NSW)

Michael Abberton

Partner Equipment Finance (Regional NSW)


Meet the Newcastle Office:
Berea Park
2379 Glendonbrook Road,
Gresford NSW 2311

Paul Herrmann

Senior Broker Equipment Finance (NSW)

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