L Lynch orange excavator in operation

Mark O’Donoghue

Founder & CEO Finlease

NSW, North Sydney

30+ years ago I founded Finlease providing Equipment Finance to the Manufacturing Sector in the Sydney area. 30 years on we have now have a team 90+ Australia wide arranging over $600mil p/a across a wide range of capital intensive industries from Civil to Forestry, Transport to Manufacturing, Packaging to Woodworking, IT and Software Finance to Trains, Planes and Automobiles.


Many of our staff and clients have been with us for 10 – 20 years and we continue to grow every year, with much of our growth through “word of mouth” from happy long term clients and suppliers as well as online independent feedback sites such as Product Review where we score 4.9 out of 5 stars on over 1,100 client reviews.


With access to over 20 banks and financiers, 35 years of experience, delivering significant volumes of business to those funders has allowed us to be influential advocates in obtaining the right outcome for our clients.


In a world where bank managers change on average every 18 months, our clients take comfort in working with the same support team at Finlease year in year out and with all team members available on mobile (including after hours). We just make it easy for our clients including meeting when and where they need us to be. At their home, business premises, work site or the local McDonalds. We are a privately owned small business just as they are and know that many things need to be done outside of normal working hours.


It is our job to make the whole process quick, easy and efficient for our clients and that is the reason why you see our logo as stating Finlease – In so many ways……. Better than a bank.

At a personal level, having grown up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, I have a great interest in boats and have financed many craft including a significant amount of the charter boats in the Whitsundays. Finally, I need to confess to being a bit of a Classic Aussie Car tragic as evidenced by 3 classics driven by our young team in Sydney in full Finlease livery. They take a few $ to keep on the road, but we love them.

4.9/5 from 954 reviews