Strata Loans

You are now in the area of STRATA LOANS with the Finlease Property Finance solutions.

This is a rapidly expanding part of the market, with unit holders within strata schemes opting for these loans as an ideal alternative to significant special levies and even worse, delaying much needed work which continues to escalate in price for every year it is not carried out.

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Strata Loans

Strata finance that will get the big jobs done.

When major work is needed on a strata property, strata finance offers a practical and easy solution to get the work underway. Significant works like major repairs, painting, perhaps fire ordinance requirements and large building projects can place unwanted stress on building managers and property owners. They can also be well beyond the resources of the sinking fund. Yet neglecting the work can often lead to far greater problems and is usually not an option.

Strata finance provides a timely and cost-effective way to get those projects completed and here at Finlease, we can tackle this type of finance in a number of different ways.

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Everybody wins.

Whether your building is strata or company title, Finlease can offer a solution. By allowing the cost of major works to be spread over time, the work can be carried out without the need for a special levy. It also avoids the requirement to maintain a large sinking fund which can be seen as an unproductive use of money.

Finlease is the pioneer of strata finance and has already helped a wide range of property owners. Our presence in the marketplace as a national finance broker operating in many markets can secure a more cost-effective finance solution.

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Prompt action.

Our Finlease strata finance expert will visit your office or strata building to get your finance application underway. We’ll actively manage the whole process, from application to approval allowing work to start sooner. Once you get your strata loan approval, you’re in a stronger position to negotiate with contractors and may even benefit from prompt payment savings. It is estimated that building costs increase by as much as 10-15% a year, so acting promptly can save you money.

Talk to our strata finance experts today and see for yourself how we’re better, fast, different!

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No waiting for banks or their long-winded excuses

We handle all the paperwork

Pre-approvals provided without obligation

You’ll be kept informed all the way

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