L Lynch orange excavator in operation

Chris Girle

Equipment Finance Broker

NSW, Sutherland

Chris joined the Finlease team in 2016 after completing a finance & marketing degree at Wollongong University.

In between classes, he spent a number of years working with a local builder which sparked his interest in the civil industries that’s still with him today. Chris feels right at home financing anything on tracks or yellow in colour.

Aside from civil, having grown up with a nurse for a mum, Chris enjoys the medical equipment side of the business. Anything from x-rays & ultrasounds to dentals chairs & lasers.

Outside of work, he enjoys anything to do with the beach, the snow and getting away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. The less people there, the better!

Chris has a genuine passion for finance and hopefully that passion shows through to his clients.

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