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Amit Choksi Partner Equipment Finance Finlease

Amit Choksi

Senior Partner - Aviation Finance

Brisbane, QLD

I migrated to Australia not long after Finlease was founded in 1989. I arrived here to further my Engineering degree and diversify in to the world of business with an MBA in Marketing & Finance at QUT, Brisbane. Thereafter I spent 10 years at Westpac and National Australia Bank in their Commercial finance division specialising in Asset Finance and understanding the wide spectrum of commercial banking and finance before joining Finlease.

At Finlease I was given the free reign to develop and diversify our business interest in any industry of my liking and bring that industry closer to the commercial finance world. I chose Aviation. Not just because of a childhood aspiration to become a pilot but more so to understand the complexities of this dynamic industry and thereby those of our client’s business, to use my commercial finance expertise to better present them in the commercial finance world and effectively address their financial requirements.

Over the past 2 decades, I have well established Finlease into this industry as a partner to numerous aviation businesses and helped finance an extensive array of aviation assets via structured commercial finance and banking solutions.

It has been a learning curve at every step and whilst we have learnt and adapted, we have also educated our financiers to better understand the dynamics of aviation industry. What I have learnt and achieved in working within the aviation industry from a finance perspective, I am able to apply the same to just about any industry.

30 years ago, Finlease started because one man aspired to make a difference. Today we are a $500 Million success story, largest commercial finance brokering firm in Australia with a national presence and together as a group we are making a difference for our clients every day & in every industry. I am a proud member of this family. Come join me.

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