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Badly Need A Shop Fit Out?

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Whether you’re fitting out a new retail space or refurbishing an existing space, getting the shop fit outright can have a big impact on your business and the impression you leave with your customers.

There are a number of different things that need to be considered during the process, so it is important to plan the fit-out carefully. One of the most important considerations you have to weigh up when fitting out a shop is how you will finance the new fixtures and fittings in your store.

Common Requirements For Fitting Out a Shop

Depending upon the size of your shop and what you sell, the specifics you need for the shop fit-out will vary. The following are some of the most universal fixtures that are required if fitting out a new shop or refurbishing a retail outlet:

Financing the Fit Out Made Simple

Renting and leasing different fixtures and fittings can help you to manage the cost of establishing or refurbishing your retail store. Depending upon your situation, you may have some money already set aside to pay for the fixtures, or you may need to negotiate finance to cover the cost of the upgrades or installation.

Leasing is one option, which can help small business owners to create an attractive, unique business space that is appealing for customers. If you are considering finance, then this option maybe a positive way for you to secure the fixtures you need at a fraction of the upfront cost of buying outright. Finlease can help you with this process, giving advice on what your requirements are and helping you to tailor a solution to your business needs. This is ideal for those just starting out, as it gives guidance and support as they are in the process of establishing their business.

If you’re refurbishing a shop or you want to finance only some of the items in your premises, then you may feel that a business loan is more suitable. A loan obtained with the help of Finlease will allow you to purchase the things you need to revamp the shop and you can then buy what you need outright. This may work out better if you’re going to make use of existing fixtures that are still in good condition, or you may want to be in control of the fitting out process yourself.

Speaking with someone who has shop fitting experience and one of our experts who has an understanding of financing options available will help you to determine the best course of action in your individual situation.

Finlease truly wants to help you to make an informed decision about how you will pay for a shop fit out for your small business. We are the experts who can help you to plan what kind of shop fixtures and fittings you’ll need for your premises, as well as help you to find the financing option that is compatible with your business budget and situation.

It’s important you get the financing solution that’s right for you. Unlike the big banks, at Finlease we take the time to visit you and understand your situation. If you are not satisfied with our solution, simply walk away with no cost. We are delighted to seek approvals as over 85% of them are taken up by clients!

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