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Get the best deal on your heavy equipment finance

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The mining industry is enjoying a boom period at the moment and more mining services companies are therefore looking to increase the amount of heavy equipment at a fast pace. But it’s extremely important to be aware that continuing to return to the same lenders for all your mining equipment can be a bad idea.

A specialist broker who knows the ropes of the heavy equipment industries such as mining services , won’t delay the purchase but will ensure that you get the best deal while reducing any risk by being exposed to one lender. Spreading your debt amongst various lenders will reduce your vulnerability.

They will represent your business credibility to finance institutions getting the best terms available, doing most of the grunt work for you and therefore freeing your time up to do what you do best knowing you have the pre-approved bargaining position needed to grab the best deals possible.

So whether you are looking for mining equipment finance, earth moving finance or general equipment finance it pays to shop around for the best equipment finance before your part with your money. Not that it stops you looking around, with Finlease you can arrange pre-approval so that you can select the right equipment for your needs knowing you will have the money needed to make the transaction.

Unlike the big banks, at Finlease we take the time to visit you and your business, so that we can understand your situation and assist you in selecting the right financing solution for your unique requirements. If you are not satisfied with our solution, simply walk away with no cost. We are delighted to seek approvals as over 85% of them are taken up by clients!

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