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How to get more from banks when they’re giving you less.

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As we take a look around at the banking situation right now, we’ve all come through the global financial crisis, but are small businesses feeling any better with the banking outcomes?

One thing we at Finlease have been working very hard on is seeking better whole of banking outcomes for our clients. We’re going further than simply handling business finance or equipment loans, but looking at our clients’ day to day banking needs.

When it comes to seeking a better relationship with your bank, we see it much like a marriage. What we’re doing is ensuring our clients have the right “prenuptial agreement” upfront which helps to keep the marriage on track.

The right banking solutions can make running your business more productive, less restrictive and with a lot less red tape. The way I see it, not all finance brokers are playing such a role for their clients, as many prefer to simply provide business finance and credit facilities. But our relationships with our clients have been in place for many years – some for decades. So we can use this knowledge base to secure better whole of banking outcomes for small to medium sized business operators. That’s something which will benefit not simply the businesses themselves, but will indirectly help the broader economy as well.”

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