Looking for a better home loan rate?

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Looking for a better commercial property and residential home loan rate? Just like mobile phone plans, there’s always a better one out there. It may even be with your current provider as all too often, we see banks offering a SPECIAL rate to new borrowers but NOT proactively offering existing loyal clients that same SPECIAL rate.


Switching banks for better mortgage rates is effortless with a reliable broker, who simplifies the process and secures improved rates.. The savings can make an enormous difference to your monthly expenses.


As your commercial property and residential home loan rates are probably the most significant debts you will ever have, any savings can make an enormous difference to your monthly expenses and are well worth getting. All you need to do is have a look.


Similar savings are also potentially available on commercial property and investment property loans.

This 90 second Youtube video will give you good insight into how easy it is to check.


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At Finlease, we’ve been primarily focused on providing equipment finance to our long-standing and ever-expanding client base for over 30 years. Now, we’re excited to offer property finance

services through 2 trusted partners, Haydn Marshall and his team at Lend Perspective, and Jeff Harris from Outsource. We’ve been trialling their services with established clients and have seen outstanding results that you can see below. Our property finance matches the quality and expertise of traditional equipment and vehicle finance, ensuring client satisfaction.

Residential Property Case Studies Commercial Property Case Studies



It’s an ideal time to do a property finance health check at both a personal and/or business level. Time to review your existing facilities?  Contact your local Finlease broker who will provide a personal introduction to Haydn or Jeff.

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