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Money & Debt – A time when brand doesn’t matter

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Time to change the way business owners think about money and debt!

With recent statistics confirming the long held view by many Small Business Owners that the level of support given by their banks has been less than stunning, it may be time to see finance for what it really is, just another raw material and service needed to run a business.

It should be accessed in the most flexible, useful form with the least amount of constraints and conditions, should be competitively priced and backed with good customer service.  Unlike many other raw materials or assets, the brand of the money provider is somewhat irrelevant. Money or debt all looks the same in a bank account or on a loan document.

That being said, business owners on the whole would not tolerate underperformance by other raw material suppliers, so why should it be any different on the money/debt front?

There is a wide variety of capable, competitive alternatives in the market, so why not have a look? $1,000 saved in expenses is typically equal to $10,000 made in sales, so well worth a little management time.

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