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Michael Giorgas Senior Broker Equipment Finance Finlease

Michael Giorgas

Senior Partner (QLD)

Brisbane, QLD

Having worked in the finance sector for over 10 years, I have come across a diverse range of businesses from a variety of industries.

Making it easy for businesses to obtain finance is what I strive to achieve no matter which industry you are in. As our commercial clients grow they will have different financing requirements and it is my job to understand their needs so my team can deliver an excellent result, on time, every time.

Our funding panel exceeds 20 banks and financiers who can assist with all types of financing arrangements, which provides leverage to any business large or small. Our clients would rather have us deal with over 20 banks for them, instead of our clients only dealing with 1 (their main bank).

My team’s service will always exceed expectations and be better than what the banks can offer as we can provide a more personalised approach. I really enjoy understanding our clients businesses, just as much as they love a financing partner who really listens to what they need to achieve.

If there is anything you require, we are always close by, either in person or by phone and we are happy to assist. Even if client’s would like to talk about something on a more personal level, we are always available to chat about the weekend and fishing (if you are into it – I know I am).

I look forward to assisting you throughout your business journey.

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