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Miles Beamish Partner Equipment Finance Finlease

Miles Beamish

Senior Partner

Blackburn, VIC

Good looking, Olympic medallist and the ability to speak 3 different languages…..these are many things that people aspire to be…. unfortunately for the rest of us we have to make do with other attributes.

For myself, I pride myself on ‘being real’ and relatable and utilising my 25+ years in banking and finance (Finlease since 2002) to understand that every client and their needs are unique.

A strong ability to think ‘outside the box’ when required and long developed working relationships with our financiers gives me the ability to deliver what my clients want – access to competitive finance and terms without the hassle of having to do it all themselves.

Why sit on the phone ‘on hold’ for 30 minutes waiting to speak to some random person at the Bank when you can call us straight away and let us do all the boring stuff in the background (including sitting on hold with that same bank for 30 mins on your behalf !) whilst you get back to business.

Melbourne raised and based (with a small stint of 16 years in Sydney along the way !) I am like most Melbournians, a big sports tragic and enjoy spending as much time as possible outdoors (subject to the weather down here) with my family and am involved in many sports (having 3 active sons).

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