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Neil Styles Partner Equipment Finance Finlease

Neil Styles

Senior Partner (SA)

Adelaide, SA

Since joining the Finlease Group, and commencing the SA business 10 years ago, it has been my pleasure to grow and service my diverse client base. After having been a banker, operating within the equipment finance, corporate & commercial markets throughout Australia since 1987, I have experienced the lows of the early 90’s recession as well as the boom times leading into the GFC of 2009, as well as everything in between. I am proud to be a small business owner dealing with the daily needs of fellow small businesses and believe that my finance knowledge and problem-solving skills are of great benefit to my clients as we navigate through the challenges that owning and operating a business present.

Finance is a serious matter so I feel that my most important role as a broker is to communicate openly and often and simply always be available for my clients to contact me; in an age where we have never been more contactable I find it bemusing at how difficult it can be to reach a bank manager.

As a family man and father to 4 children, when I am not looking after the needs of my clients and family, you will find me ‘pounding the pavement’ preparing for my next marathon which always seems to come around way too quickly nowadays.

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