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Richard Harper Partner Equipment Finance Finlease

Richard Harper

Senior Partner (WA)

Perth, WA

I commence equipment finance broking 33 years ago with Automotive & General Finance and became a partner in the first year. The last 4 years in the bank I was in property finance and along with my banking experience was a major benefit when I commenced finance broking.

In 2010 we formed an alliance with Finlease Australia to form Finlease WA and in pooling our resources has been a major benefit to our client’s by providing a wide range of lenders that provide different finance products and options that ae required by my clients from time to time.

With WA having a strong resource sector this is where majority of my client base is situated with the emphases on the earthmoving and crane industries. Civil, forestry, transport and salvage are other industries where I have established a strong presence.
With the banking background I have been able to assist client’s through the changes in the banking system and their terms of lending.

The continual changing of bank’s lending policies and recently the amount of information that needs to accompany applications has dramatically increased to the frustration of the client, here we have been able to assist and supply the end result required. In essence, we have taken the role of the “old bank manger” role as the go to person when our clients have a lending requirement being equipment finance or banking. I have always taken the opinion that the bank provides the banking facilities and with our large range of lenders have spread the equipment finance debt to enable continuity of lending to meet the client’s needs.

It is important that for me to maintain a personal relationship with all my clients enabling me to understand their business and their lending requirements as they are needed. This plays an important role when submitting applications so the lender obtains some understanding when assessing the deal.

Since I commenced equipment financing WA has come along way especially in the sporting arena with the Eagles winning the premiership, which I was there, tick on bucket list and the Wildcats doing the same. Importantly like them it is teamwork that has got them the rewards they have received and I see that no different with my clients.

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