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Business Advertising That’s Not Only Free…It Works!

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Imagine this, you’re in the market for a new car and a number of models take your fancy.

How do you choose? Sure you can watch the fancy TV advertisements, go along to your local showroom and ask the salesman. But neither of these methods really give you an independent review. I’m sure you’d much rather listen to people who’ve owned the vehicle models and have formed their own opinion – good or bad.

Well this goes for almost everything we buy. Our research on this “social proof” shows that this can be applied by any business as an incredibly powerful tool and should be an essential part of your company’s marketing tool kit. And what’s more, it’s absolutely FREE!

Statistics already tell us that only 14% of people trust advertising in any form but 66% will listen to the opinions of those who have tried and tested the product out for themselves – whether they know the person giving the review or not. This is the very reason why people will go to a website such as “Eatability” or “Trip Advisor” before making a decision on their next night out or holiday.

A few years ago (2009), we asked our clients to provide us with honest reviews through another public feedback site called PRODUCT REVIEW. We were prepared for opinions no matter whether it made us look good or bad – after all, if people do have problems, we want to know how to avoid them in the future. If they love us, then great! We know we are doing a great job in satisfying our customers needs.

What absolutely delighted us from this was the realisation that many of our new clients come to us purely through the positive and independent feedback from PRODUCT REVIEW. We have over 150 items of individual feedback on our equipment and motor vehicle finance area as well as 15 items of individual feedback on our property finance area. We are averaging 4.8 out of 5 stars which we are overjoyed about and thank you to those clients who participated and continue to do so.

We think it’s certainly well worth having a quick look. You may be very pleasantly surprised at what a difference something as simple as this can make, so stop hiding those happy clients under a bushel, they are your best advertising if only you can allow them to share their good news stories, but remember if their story is bad news that will also be out there. Just have a look at how some of our major banks are rating on Product Review.

So check us out on PRODUCT REVIEW and then try it for yourself. We think you will be pleasantly surprised and you can thank us later when you reap the benefits of this free resource!

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