It’s the leftover not the turnover that is most important

words by Finlease

If a new customer paid you $8000 in return for one hour of your time, would you be willing to do that work?

There would be very few people who would say no.

Similarly, if you could save $8000 in expenses for the same one hour of your time, would you be just as keen to do that?

$8,000 is the saving on a $300,000 truck if you manage to obtain finance at an interest rate which was 1% less than you were initially offered.

Unlike home loans, Truck and Equipment Finance is NOT all the same. There are many financiers out there keen to compete for the business and by spending an hour doing your research or using a broker to do that for you, savings of 1% or more is often achievable.

In a world where margins are getting smaller, any saving you can make in your overheads just means more profit to the bottom line.

As the age old saying goes:- It’s the Leftover not the Turnover which is important.

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