Green and Red Apples

Businesses want the green light, not the red tape.

words by Finlease

As the pace of business continues to pick up for many SMEs, the more progressive ones are looking to increase their capabilities and seek equipment finance. Yet 40% of business operators want finance made easier with a simpler application process, and more favorable terms and conditions.

So how can a broker like Finlease help? It’s a matter of fully understanding our small business clients and choosing a financier that fits their needs. Then there are our skill levels in representing that client’s case with the leading financiers, negotiate better outcomes and ability to efficiently manage the process from application through to approval and settlement. Overall, it’s our ‘can do’ attitude in meeting every challenge and ultimately securing better machinery finance solutions that delivers results.

Certainly we’re aware how 55% of clients were motivated by price in seeking a new equipment finance provider. Yet as Mark O’Donoghue was quick to point out, “Our experience ensures that once a client has enjoyed a particular level of service and support from the Finlease team, price, although always important, tends to become a secondary consideration.”

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